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Landscaping consists of an array of possibilities from water features, fire rings, gardens and so much more. 
These outdoor areas should be inviting yet a relaxing and enjoyable place for you and your company to enjoy.
If you need help, we have shared some tips with you below as well as some pictures from previous projects. 
Of course, we are always available to answer any questions you may have.

Incorporating Focal Points contribute to detail in the overall landscape.


Adding colorful blooms will make your landscape feel very welcoming.
 If you are working with a smaller area, use bright colors to make the area appear bigger.


Grassy slopes can be hard to maintain.  Enhancing the slope with plants will result in
lower maintenance and make the home appear grander.


Patios can be intimate while entertaining with a fire ring or pit.  These can be created out of boulders, retaining wall block or dug into the ground and surrounded by the patio.  If the environment is not ideal for a fire ring, patios may be enhanced
 with low growing shrubs and low voltage lighting.


Curves, layers or breaks in sidewalks allow for an area to be showcased and bring detail to the overall landscape.


Water features big or small add serenity to any landscape.


Incorporating these tips will assure you a beautiful and functional landscape!